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Custom Playhouse

This custom playhouse is for sale. The owner wants to upgrade to our newer cabin series.

This playhouse will include the following items. 6x6 playhouse with 4' tall walls, 2' wrap around porch, staircase, 3 position 8' tall monkey bars, belt swing, trapeze bar, glider, 5' sidewinder slide, 10' waterfall slide, decking under playhouse and lemondade stand. It does NOT include the chairs or ramp. 

This is a used set so there may be minor scuffs. With retrofitting it, there may be screw holes that will be filled with plugs. 

Please refer to 2D drawing for the layout.

Delivery and installation is included in the cost but not taxes. 

This set $8,440 before taxes. Brand new, it would be about 10.5k.

The set design is fluid so you are welcome to call in and discuss different options though the playhouse will remain the same. 



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