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10 Ways to Get Your Kids Outside

In a time when smartphones and video games seem to consume kids’ lives, convincing your children to play outside can sometimes feel like an impossible task. It doesn’t have to be that way. With the help of children’s playground sets and some creative thinking, getting your kids outside isn’t as hard as you might think!

Here are ten ways to get your kids outside:

1. Just Play!
With children’s playground sets, basketball hoops, or other outdoor recreation items, your kids won’t want to stay cooped up inside. Turn your backyard into their number-one play destination with these and other fun items!

2. Watch the Clouds
When your kids are worn out from swing sets, why not lay down and watch the skies? Looking for fun shapes in the clouds can be a great way to relax in the fresh air and inspire your kids’ imagination!

3. Build a Fort
Many children’s playground sets come equipped with a playhouse or other structure that can easily transform into your child’s dream fort. There’s nothing wrong with letting your kids get some old decorations out of the garage so they can customize their own playground fort!

4. Wildlife Watching
Whether you’re looking at bugs in your backyard or hiking in a local forest, encouraging your kids to watch for local wildlife can make each trip outside feel like an adventure!

5. Bring on the Birds
You can bring the wildlife to your own backyard with simple projects, like building a birdhouse or installing a hummingbird feeder.

6. Backyard Competitions
Kids love to compete—so why not use your swing sets to get a friendly competition going? See who can swing the highest, or who can run around the house the fastest.

7. Art
The outdoors provide plenty of great arts and crafts opportunities. From sketching birds that visit your bird feeder to creating a pinecone craft project, your backyard is full of ways to help your kids think creatively.

8. Splash Around
Who says you have to stay inside on a rainy day? Wet weather can add a new layer to a backyard adventure—just put on a coat and rain boots before you head outside!

9. Start a Garden
Starting a garden can be a great activity for the entire family. Kids love eating food that they’ve helped grow themselves—and best of all, you can use your garden to encourage healthy eating habits!

10. Fall Fun
Raking leaves may seem like a dreaded fall chore, but you can turn this into a fun family activity by making giant leaf piles for your kids to jump in. Nothing beats going down a slide and landing in a pile of leaves!

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