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Check Out All of Our Accessories!

Here at King Swings, we offer a multitude of accessories for you to choose from when choosing or updating your playset. 


Towers Towers are one of the most fun accessories for kids. They can be converted into toy houses and pirate ships, feeding your child’s imagination for hours. Our towers come with numerous options in both wood and vinyl. The sizes range from 4x4 with one playdeck to 8x8 with a triple playdeck. There is also a split level deck, a double deck, a deck and playhouse tower, a playhouse tower, a mountain climber, and a cascade tower, all with a variety of sizes and options.

Connectors  Connectors are a wonderfully fun way for children to pass back and forth between towers. We offer a wobbly bridge, a plastic tunnel, and a solid bridge in both a vinyl and wood option. These connecting bridges and tunnels are a great way for your children to imagine and play.

Swing Beams  We offer 2, 3, or 4 position swing beams in both wood and vinyl options, ranging in height from 7 to 10 feet. These sturdy swing beams will hold your play set up and keep your children swinging with ease. We also offer a 3 position monkey bar in both wood and vinyl. This is a great additional option to help older kids gain coordination and upper body strength.

Slides Our slides are incredibly fun and playful accessories. Ranging from 5 feet to 18 feet, every slide is a unique selection. We offer open, spiral slides, enclosed spiral slides we call tubro slides, tunnels, sidewinder slides, waterfall slides, avalanche slides, and our longest slide the ball pit blast. All of our slides are made from plastic to avoid sun scorching the children, and they are wonderful and safe ways to have a lot of fun as a family.

Climbers Climbers come in a variety of options in both vinyl and wood and most of them range between 4 and 7 feet. Some of these are climbing walls or combination climbing walls with ladders or cargo nets built alongside of them. There are also ladder, staircase, or ramp options depending on your and your family’s desires.

Rooftops There are several rooftop options to top off the tower and playhouse looks. You can choose for your rooftop to be made out of fabric, plastic, or clap board (which is completed with a nice cedar stain). Playhouses have the option of an asphalt roofing material.

Rides What is a swing set without a swing? We have many options for rides beyond the average swing, but let’s begin there. Our swings are belted with soft grip chains and come in various colors. We also offer infant bucket swings and a toddler swing, along with a together swing and a glider for riding together. Other rides include three different rope tire swings in 2-rope, 3-rope, or 4-rope sizes, a trapeze, buoy ball trapeze combo, and a daisy disc. There are also options for a hammock swing or a double hammock swing complete with a stand if you would like to make more comfortable seating options for older members of the family, too. Finally, there is a handicap adaptive swing available for any special needs.

Fun Accessories Now that we have covered all the basics that make up play set accessories, there are numerous options for you to choose from to spice up the rest of your play set with added fun. To add the feeling of being in a park, there are vinyl and wooden picnic tables, a tea table, and a park bench. Towers can be made imaginative and whimsical with a ship’s wheel, a steering wheel, a telescope, or a periscope.

There are also bubble panels and tic-tac-toe that can be placed throughout the playset to engage children’s playful spirits. The fireman’s pole is a wonderful accessory for this imagination, as well, allowing older children to leap and slide down from the tower in a quick frenzy of tag or an imaginative reenactment of danger or rescue. More practically, a sandbox cover is available to keep your play area clean and free from all precipitation and debris.

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