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Choosing A Swing Set That Will Grow With Your Family

A swing set is a wonderful investment for your child, but inevitably the aspects of the swing set that are the most fun and practical at one age will change as your child grows older. A swing set is meant to engage imagination and entice physical activity and coordination in your child through healthy play, so it is important to keep each individual child enjoying and engaging over the years.

Many people mistakenly believe this means they should start out buying a small, baby and toddler sized swing set and purchase a larger, more elaborate one after the kids are older. In reality, you can purchase a wonderful swing set that your family can grow into overtime with a few quick changes.

The main reasons you should buy a swing set that will grow with your family: 

  • It is cheaper to grow into a swing set with a few small accessory changes.
  • It is a great way to keep kids of all ages playing and thriving at once.
  • It is an investment that will last for an entire childhood.


How do you choose a swing set that will grow with your family?

  1. Choose a swing set with changeable accessories.

A simple act like changing out a baby swing for a tire swing can transform your play set as your child outgrows the baby and toddler stages. A five-year-old will appreciate fun, more intense challenges than a toddler did, and a ten-year-old will want even more from a play set. Being able to switch out a few key accessories overtime will ensure that the swing set lasts through more than a decade of childhood, rather than needing to buy an entire new play set after your children are no longer toddlers.

Some changeable accessory ideas include:

  • Changing out climbers
  • Upgrading to more complex slides
  • Transforming a baby swing to a tire swing, trapeze, or other fun ride
  1. Choose specific accessories that will be enjoyed for a long time.

Certain accessories can be grown into overtime. A glider is generally fun for young toddlers and older kids alike. A monkey bar might not be used by young kids for the first several years, but it is something that can be a fun learning experience as they get older. Things like hammock chairs and bridge or tunnel connectors between towers are fun for kids of all ages, even as they grow.

  1. Consider a swing set with various sized towers.

You might be more comfortable with your young child playing in a tower that is closer to the ground, but an older child will find much more enjoyment and stimulation from a higher tower. If you want your child to be able to grow into the play set over time, or especially if you have children at different ages and ability levels, buying a swing set with variety of towers is paramount.

Every family can find the swing set that is perfect for their needs. For most people, that means a swing set that will stimulate engaging play at every stage of childhood. Often, there are several children playing at very different stages at the same time, making that even more necessary. These tips should assist you in finding the swing set that will perfectly meet your family’s ne

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