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Did You Know We Offer Non-Toxic Colored Rubber Mulch?

After going through all of the effort to purchase a swing set that is high quality, durable, and safe for your kids, we want to ensure that your experience rounds out perfectly. The bottom of the play set area is often over looked, but that is where your children’s feet land and play, where they tumble to the ground and will probably roll around. In all of our research and experience here at King Swings, the best option for the flooring of a play set that we have found is rubber mulch. The rubber mulch we use is non-toxic and colored.

Rubber mulch has phenomenal shock absorbency and reduces the risk of injuries on the playground. Your children can run and jump and tumble off the bottom of a slide without you worrying when this is on the ground rather than stones or sand. Because so much of time on the ground beneath a playset involves children jumping off of swings, shooting off of slides, and trying out new accessories that include climbing or riding, it is very valuable to cover the ground with a soft material that absorbs shock. The more shock absorption is available, the less likely it is that you will have to deal with injuries on your playset.

Rubber mulch requires very minimal maintenance. The lack of maintenance from rubber mulch is another wonderful addition. It dries quickly after rain (or if you have hosed down the playset to clean for maintenance), and it will not decompose. Aesthetically speaking, the rubber mulch does not fade and it does not stain, so it looks great and fresh year round. To top that off, the mulch does not freeze in cold either. Essentially, once the mulch is under your swing set, you don’t have to worry about it again! Your kids can play without a care, and you don’t have to worry about a lot of ground maintenance.

Rubber mulch is non-toxic. This is a very important aspect of our rubber mulch, since kids will be playing in it frequently.  You must use a lot of the rubber mulch cover the area needed and keep shock absorbency at good levels, so it is extra important that the materials are not toxic for kids or adults. The mulch is 99.9% steel free, and a good, healthy option for your children to play in.

To contain the rubber mulch, we offer rubber curbing and weed guards. This will help you achieve a consistently attractive, well-maintained play area. The weed screen will assist you in keeping your lawn and weeds out of the play area and vice versa, once again making continual maintenance of the entire playset an easier process for everyone.

As to quantity, one ton of rubber mulch covers about 250 square feet when spread three inches deep.

We are happy to offer a non-toxic, shock-absorbing rubber mulch to our customers along with our swing sets. It is a great option for safety, maintenance, and long-term care for your kids.

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