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Growing Up: How Your Kids Play

There’s no denying that the way your kids play changes as they grow up. But have you ever considered how this affects the type of playground set you should buy? While many slide sets for kids can be adapted to “grow up” with them, understanding your child’s physical capabilities will help you purchase the right set now.

Children younger than two generally start by exploring their surroundings or having their parents push them in swings for kids. Because young children are prone to tripping and falling, it’s best to only give them access to ramps or slides that are close to the ground and easy to play with while crawling or walking.

As children approach preschool age, the opportunities for your playground set expand. Kids become more active as they try to climb ladders or go down larger slides. While parental supervision is still required, a playground set that has expanded to include a slide or small ladders can be the perfect place for games of tag or make-believe.

However, there are certain activities that are best reserved for after your kids turn five. For example, fireman’s poles, trapeze rings, and rock-climbing ramps test endurance and strength in ways younger children probably can’t handle. A good rule of thumb is that if part of a playground set is out of reach or requires parental assistance, it probably isn’t age appropriate.

By choosing playground set features carefully, you can create a safe and fun environment for any age.

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