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How to Know When to Buy a New Swing Set

    Spring is finally here! We often put most of our focus on the appearance of our yard- planting flower beds, vegetable gardens, fun new patio furniture, or maybe a whole backyard makeover! It’s easy to forget one thing that is so much more important: ensuring that your backyard playset is safe and ready for all of the fun memories your children will make with friends and family this year. King Swings offers many different options for maintenance free swing sets, but how do you know when your old playset is dangerous?

    One of the easiest problems to begin looking for is rust. Rust occurs when iron and oxygen react with the addition of water. Because rust corrodes metal, any rusted metal is not structurally sound. If rust occurs, you’ll most likely spot it on the swing hangers and chains; if your swing set is metal, it could be anywhere. If a chain from a swing or a structural component of your old swing set breaks, serious injury can occur. All the metal products used by King Swings are powder-coated steel or stainless steel to ensure that this does not happen.

    Another more obvious sign is general wear on plastic items such as belt swings, gliders, slides, etc. While some color fading isn’t reason for safety concern, the sun can dry out cheap plastic causing it to become brittle and crack, compromising its weight capacity. All our slides are molded with only the highest quality materials to guarantee a safety-first swing set.

    While all your nuts and bolts may be hand-tight, it’s a good idea to check them to make sure they are on as tight as possible. Last year’s swinging and jumping and climbing could have loosened something! Cheaper swing sets and build-it-yourself kits often come with low-quality hardware. Should you cut corners on the pieces that hold together something holding your children?

    One of the most important potential problems to inspect for is structural cracks. Depending upon your old set, this could occur on the overhead beam, parts of the playhouse, or other structural beams. Low-cost wooden sets can warp and crack over time, and metal sets may rust and crack. If a beam breaks loose while children are playing, they aren’t just falling down or scraping their knee - an entire swing set would be falling on them. King Swings offers swing sets made with pressure-treated wood and maintenance free vinyl swing sets with the best warranty in the industry.

    The last thing your child wants is a cast that will keep them from enjoying summer’s most fun activities. The last thing YOU want is to have to explain to your neighbors how their child got injured on your old swing set. Check out our swing set reviews and contact us today to begin building a summer to remember!


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