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Reasons Not to Buy Cheap Swing Sets Online

A swing set is a large purchase that involves the well-being of your children while they play. It’s easy to think you should just grab the cheapest option you can find so that your children can enjoy themselves, but that is not a solid, long-term solution. It is better to spend a bit of time and effort to invest in a more suitable, long-term, quality, and safe play set that your children can enjoy for a long time. There are many reasons why you should not simply buy the cheapest option you can find online. Some of the more pertinent ones are mentioned below.

Cheap, online swing set options are not made with careful quality. Their warranties generally last for a shorter amount of time, and the wood they use is cheaper and less durable. Some of the cheapest swing sets have thin pieces that are simply glued together, rather than solid, sturdy wood beams that are carefully crafted to ensure the safety of your child for years to come. At King Swings, we use heavy duty beams, stainless steel hardware, and non-toxic materials.

Cheap online swing sets are not the safest option for your kids. Because swing sets are a product meant for children to play on for years, it is vital that they are made to be sturdy and safe for your children. At King Swings, we ensure that every play set is tip-proof to keep your child safe. We also use non-toxic materials while making our play sets and accessories, to ensure that your child’s health is a continual priority.

Warranties on cheap online swing sets are usually for shorter periods of time. First of all, it is a suspicious sign that a company is not able or willing to warranty their swing set for longer than a year. At King Swings, we warranty our vinyl sets for up to 6 years and our wood sets for 2 years. We extend a limited lifetime warranty on all pressure treated lumber against decay & insect damage. All PVC plastic lumber is backed by our 20 year warranty against fading & discoloration. In addition, all canopies, sliding boards, metal components, swings and accessories are warranted for 6 years from purchase for vinyl sets and 2 years for wood sets. This is a far cry from the limited warranties offered by cheap online swing set options.

There is not great access to reliable reviews. Most of us make purchases online all the time, and we determine if a product is worth our purchase based on the reviews left by other buyers. Unfortunately, this system has not proven to be full-proof with swing sets yet. Descriptions of swing sets are my by their manufacturer and sold through big box retail stores. Reviews that are left normally come immediately after installation. Unfortunately again, these reviewers rarely if ever come back in a year to update other buyers on the condition of their swing set after it has faced seasons of use and play and weather elements.


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