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Unplugged: Getting Out and Getting Active

Summer is the perfect time for playing outside, but far too many kids spend their summer days glued to the TV, video games, or a phone. So what can you do to help your kids get out and get active?

First, you’ll never have much success in helping your kids get active if they don’t have fun. Children’s playground sets are a perfect solution because they give kids several activity options—from playing on the swings to building their own clubhouse. Providing other outdoor toys—like badminton racquets or jump ropes—can also ensure that your kids don’t run out of activities.

As a parent, your example will frequently determine whether or not your kids are willing to stay active. Don’t be afraid to play on the playground set with them! Planning regularly scheduled outdoor activities—such as a weekly trip to the swimming pool or after-dinner walks—can also make physical activity a normal part of your kids’ summer routine. Even holding a family picnic by your playground set can get the whole family involved in enjoying time outside.

Don’t be afraid to involve a bit of structure and parental guidance, either. Set limits on TV time, or establish a set time each day when your kids are required to choose something physically active to do. Helping your kids sign up for camps can also be a good way to help them get active and leave the screen behind.

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