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Important Safety Features


  • All Hardware is Stainless Steel
  • The swings and gliders have nylon bearings for a smooth and quiet ride
  • Rubber sling-seats are used on swings to avoid splinters or hard knocks to the head or body
  • The swing chains are rubber coated for a soft, comfortable grip
  • Our Vinyl playsets are tip-proof. An unlimited number of children can play on them and the unit will not tip over
  • Gliders are designed without a scissors motion, therefore no arms or legs can get caught while in motion
  • Vinyl & Poly decking material carry a lifetime warranty against rot and insect damage

Swing Set Buyer Responsibility

All of our swing sets are delivered by a pickup truck and trailer. We will back into your site. If your site is not accessible (fences, hedges, etc.) we must be notified when you place your order. We are going into your yard at your request, therefore we do not take responsibility for any damage which might occur.


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