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4x4, 4x6, and 6x6 Cabins

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Our modular cabins are brand new for 2021! Extremely versatile, the cabins can be added to a wide range of decks and have a wide range of slides, tunnels, and bridges connect to them.

We have three main sizes: 4x4, 4x6, and 6x6. If you want an overhang roof such as you see on the maroon playhouse, we can do that with the 4x4 and the 4x6 cabin. 

Pricing for the cabins is a bit tricky since there are many factors that go into the cost such as deck size, cabin size, and roof size. Please call in, email, or reach out on social media for help. 

NOTE: The Cabin roof is not waterproof. The tongue and groove construction resists water but a heavy or prolonged rain will slip through in places. 

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