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Did You Know We Offer Non-Toxic Colored Rubber Mulch?

After going through all of the effort to purchase a swing set that is high quality, durable, and safe for your kids, we want to ensure that your experience rounds out perfectly. The bottom of the play set area is often over looked, but that is where your children’s feet land and play, where they tumble to the ground and will probably roll around. In all of our research and experience here at King Swings, the best option for the flooring of a play set that we have found is rubber mulch. The rubber mulch we use is non-toxic and colored.

Reasons Not to Buy Cheap Swing Sets Online

A swing set is a large purchase that involves the well-being of your children while they play. It’s easy to think you should just grab the cheapest option you can find so that your children can enjoy themselves, but that is not a solid, long-term solution. It is better to spend a bit of time and effort to invest in a more suitable, long-term, quality, and safe play set that your children can enjoy for a long time. There are many reasons why you should not simply buy the cheapest option you can find online.

When It Comes to Swing Sets Safety Is First

Swing sets, and all play sets, are meant for children to play and imagine, but it is important to ensure that they remain safe while doing so, because swing sets are always outside and children are often rambunctious while using them. There are numerous ways to be sure that your swing set is as safe as possible for your children. Below are some guidelines.

Choosing A Swing Set That Will Grow With Your Family

A swing set is a wonderful investment for your child, but inevitably the aspects of the swing set that are the most fun and practical at one age will change as your child grows older. A swing set is meant to engage imagination and entice physical activity and coordination in your child through healthy play, so it is important to keep each individual child enjoying and engaging over the years.

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